Trak Fitness review – Fitness equipment

Trak Fitness review – Fitness equipment

Trak Fitness review: SportrowerTrak Fitness review: Sportrower


At Trak Fitness, you can buy advanced fitness equipment and learn new training methods. The store offers useful products which work in harmony with the natural movements of our bodies. Their products can help you improve your practice as well as avoid injury. This Trak Fitness review will show you the reason why you should buy their best seller product – Sportrower.

Trak Fitness review: Sportrower

After using Sportrower, I think it can be an important development in the indoor rowing industry. The product truly fits all indoor rowing machines.

You can take advantage of the functionality and ergonomics of any ERG in a complete way thanks to this machine. That’s because it extends the area that your hands, arms and shoulders can move.

Trak Fitness review: Sportrower
Trak Fitness review: Sportrower

If you like indoor rowing, you need to buy this Indoor Rowing Machine Handle. I’m sure that you won’t be restricted by the limitations of the fixed handles any more. In fact, the Sportrower allows rowers to make an exact copy of rowing stroke mechanics. That means you’re able to do any new exercise movements with any indoor rowing machine.

In addition, this machine has the multiple axis of rotation. It allows supination and pronation of the arms. That means you can perform the movements in the biceps and external shoulder rotation. Moreover, it also helps you maintain proper wrist alignment. Thanks to Sportrower, I have avoided impingement and repetitive stress injuries related to rowing handles.

This is a list of some ERGs that you can use with Sportrower:

  • Concept 2 indoor rowers
  • First Degree Indoor Rowers
  • WaterRower
  • Matrix Rowing Machines
  • Life Fitness Indoor Rowers
  • Cybex Hydro Rower
  • Body Craft Rower
  • Total Gym Row Trainer
  • RP3 Rowing, Horizon Rowers
  • Nordic Track Rower

Apart from Sportrower, the store also provides a lot of amazing items such as TrakHandle Sport, TrakHandle Pro-X and TrakRow. If you want to find out these products, just comment below.

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