Stojo review from

Stojo review from

Stojo reviewStojo review

About Stojo

Stojo was founded by three busy dads who think that coffee fuels our lives. Their store provides reusable, collapsible coffee cups which can fit in your pocket. In fact, people often use disposable cups when they drink coffee. However, these cups aren’t good for our planet. That’s why they have created the Stojo Pocket Cup. It was the world’s first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup. Today, the Stojo “Biggie” is officially available for pre order so you can buy a bigger cup made for hot and cold beverages. In order to provide more information about this store, we wrote this Stojo review.

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Stojo review about main products

Stojo Pocket Cup

The classic 12oz. Stojo Pocket Cup is made of a lid and heat sleeve. It can protect your hand from hot or cold beverages. The original pocket cup stands at 5 inches and collapses into a 1.75 inch tall disk. Thanks to this features, this kind of cup is able to slip into a coat or bag pocket.

Stojo Biggie

The Stojo Biggie is ultra-portable, leak-proof and collapsible. Especially, it can hold 33% more of the good stuff than the Pocket Cup. Besides, this Stojo Biggie is perfect for sipping iced drinks and smoothies because it comes with a reusable straw. Once you’ve finished your drink, you just have to collapse, seal, stow and go.

How to clean the cup?

First of all, you have to unscrew the plastic lid from the plastic collar. Next, you separate the collar and sleeve from the silicone cup. Finally, just simply put everything in the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

How to reassemble the cup after cleaning?

The first thing you should do is putting the plastic collar, threaded side up, above the silicone cup. Then, you can deform the cup into a “C” shape and push it through the collar. Moreover, you must be sure that the seal sits adjacent to, and completely above, the top of the plastic collar. Next, in order to ensure an adequate seal is formed, you have to screw the lid tightly onto the plastic collar.

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