Luxx Health waist trainer review

Luxx Health waist trainer review

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Luxx Health WaistTrainersLuxx Health WaistTrainers

Losing fat without actually losing weight…Can you believe it?
Yes I do. Luxx Health waist trainer can do that. It’s pretty impressive that it helps losing inches of your waist line without losing weight.

No matter you are female or male. Luxx Health does have 2 options for you: Men’s Latex Waist Trainer and Torso Waist Trainer 14″. You can visit Luxx Health website to choose the items you want.
Below are my Luxx Health waist trainer review after 3 weeks using this products. I would definitely use it again.


– Thick and breathable material, it is strong and does the job of tucking in the fat.

– The hooks are great for adjusting comfort/pressure

– The customer service is amazing

– The waist trainer works great under clothes, no one can tell i’m wearing it

– Helped improve my back pain by giving me strong back support

– You’re allowed to use it while working out

– I got a reimbursement for my waist trainer because I posted my picture on social media and hash tagged the company…yay!


– It takes time to get used to wearing it. I almost couldn’t get it on the first day and requested help from my roomate.
– It gives me less appetite.

 Luxx Health waist trainer for men
Luxx Health waist trainer for men

I have asked around my gym community and here’re some comments from users

I love it. Its very comfortable. The only downfall to it is that my back fat goes up and it looka lile o have an extra pair of boobs on my back! But thata just because its my extra fat i have to lose. Other than that, its great. I highly recommend it if u just had a baby” – Laura
“it was fantastic to feel how straight I was standing and when I sat.” – Amazon customer
“I’m 5’3 and weigh around 130. It’s super tight tho, but I’ve been wearing waist trainers for months now so I’m fairly used to it.” – Lucy

Overall I’m very happy with using this waist trainer. My waist line is already small but after trying it, I did feel the difference. I recommend to use the promotional discount of purchasing two at once, buy one of your current size and one a size smaller because you will shrink fast.

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