Lspace Review – Stylish women fashion

Lspace Review – Stylish women fashion

lspace review

The summer comes with hot weather that you can not refuse the pool or the beach to immerse yourself in the cool water to dispel the summer heat. Bikini is the indispensable item when the summer comes. If you are wondering where to sell reputable, quality swimwear, Today I will introduce you my favorite bikinis & accessories store that I owned some from it.  That’s Lspace, a new but reputable brand, specializing in swimsuits, clothing, beauty, and accessories. You may be curious about how Lspace swimsuits are. Now is a Lspace review from my experience.

lsapce review

Lspace Review: Tips to choose bikini

If you’re interested in a bikini, you should read this Lspace review. Based on  Lspace experience, I realize that a very old but always true secret: choose a dark color to look thinner. All light colors, light pastel colors can be “counterattack” because a bikini is a tight-fitting outfit. But that doesn’t mean you always have to choose black. 

With a big waist, big hips, big butt … don’t cover with fabric but use light color effect. The bold-light color schemes in the right place will help you be able to transform yourself in an instant.

You should choose a white swimsuit or a light color scheme if you have honey skin. On the contrary, the colors like a black, red, green banana will be suitable for girls with white skin.


Being a shop specializing in high-end goods, so L*Space’ items also cost a bit higher than the common price, but for quality and style, there is no debate. Bikini is range from $68 to $180. However, you needn’t worry, you can take advantage of  L*Space coupons and promo codes for huge savings. 

How to wash Lspace swimsuit?

If the first thing you think about is laundry, I have to say that it is not really good for any clothing, especially swimsuit or bikini. This can ruin your clothing’s form and fabric. So, hand-wash with a drop of light detergent in cold water is the best choice. Instead of using the dryer, try to dry your suit inside and under the shade, laying them flat. Finally, avoid stretching from wringing them out. Whatever you do, don’t wring them.

Customer Service Review

Lspace always puts customer’s benefits on priority so they commit 100% customer satisfaction for any purchase. Rest assured that you may return the item for a refund within 30 days of receiving of your purchase If you are unsatisfied with your items.

Besides, I carefully considered customer service of L space and found that how excellent it is. L space offers Free standard shipping and even free international shipping for orders of $200 or more! For this thing, Lspace helps you save an amount of money. Free but not slow, I received my package within 3 business days for standard shipping. 

Lspace swimsuits are too cool of a look for you to pass up. Hope that this Lspace review can help you pick some swimsuit sets. Don’t forget to visit Lspace and burn your summer up.

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