Kolari Vision Review-Kolari Vision Infrared Lens Filter Review

Kolari Vision Review-Kolari Vision Infrared Lens Filter Review


Are you looking for conversions of digital cameras to infrared with unbeatable prices and uncompromising quality. With Kolari Vision, they believe that infrared photography shouldn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Are you wondering about Kolari Vision quality? Today Allreviewtoday will show the reasons why choice Kolari Vision. Moreover, you can get great discounts from Kolari Vision coupon codes at the end of this Kolari Vision Review.

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Kolari Vision Review

Kolari Vision Review

Why choice Kolari Vision?

  • Free Lifetime Phone and Email Support, even if you’re not a customer.
  • Kolari Vision offers a worry free 1-year warranty on all of our conversion that we actually stand by. We will never abandon you.
  • Free and quick 1-2 week average turnaround.
  • Free domestic return shipping.
  • Professional dust free infrared conversion in an ISO Class 5 clean bench using high quality glass and fused quartz.
  • The ONLY optically engineered IR filters on the market for the best performance and better focus accuracy between lenses.
  • The ONLY ones with hotspot reducing anti-reflective (AR) coating in our infrared conversions.
  • Over 900 supported models for infrared conversion.
  • Kolari Vision offers 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, NDVI/Blue IR, Full Spectrum, and Two Spectrum infrared filters all one low price!
  • Free custom lens calibration and guaranteed sharp focus when you send a lens in.
  • Authorized repair shop partner for long term service of your infrared converted camera.

Kolari Vision products

  • Lens Filters
  • Infrared Conversions
  • Sensor Cleaning Service
  • DIY IR and Original Filters
  • Scratched Sensor Repair
  • Already Converted Cameras
  • Sony A7 Thin Filter Conversion

How to order Kolari Vision products?

  1. Choose camera and filter
  2. Order a conversion or camera online
  3. Mail in your camera
  4. Convert your camera
  5. Set up your new camera
  6. Process your photos in photoshop/luminar
  7. Share your photos

Kolari Vision Infrared Lens Filter Review


Kolari Vision Review

These external infrared filters are perfect for adding to a full spectrum conversion or on top of another infrared conversion to get a different effect. These are high quality polished glass IR filters, each with standard front and back threads.

Additionally, you can choose filter size and filter type for your Kolari Vision Infrared Lens Filter, including:

  • Filter size: from 28MM to 100MM
  • Filter type: from 550NM Infrared to 850NM Infrared


Nowadays, Kolari Vision offers this Kolari Vision Infrared Lens Filter with discounted price of $29.99, so you can get $10 OFF for this item. Moreover, you can get more discount by using Kolari Vision coupon codes during checkout.

Thanks for your reading this Kolari Vision Review from All Review Today!

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