KC Tool Review – America’s #1 German Tool Distributor

KC Tool Review – America’s #1 German Tool Distributor

KC Tool Distributor

About KC Tool

KC Tool calls itself America’s #1 German Tool Distributor, so I want to check this statement’s truthfulness. KC Tool provides German tools from highest quality brands, including Gedore, Wiha, Felo, Heyco, Witte, Knipex, and so on. According to KC Tool, they stock over 10000 different tools with about 25000 items available for you order. They also commit to protect customers’ benefit with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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Personal KC Tool Review

Their variety in product selection is both advantage and disadvantage with me. If I already have an idea about what I want to find, everything will be much easier. The only thing to do is comparing between different brands to find which item is the most suitable for my preference. However, if I come to KC Tool website when I do not know exactly what to buy, it takes too much time for me to make a decision because they have too much, too much products to choose.

Prices are quite ok for me. Some items are slightly higher than some other stores, some may lower. But is is not a significant difference.

KC Tool also offers free shipping for all orders over $50 and “Tool of the day” program. Sometimes, I find a lot of useful discount and combo to own some products I am looking for.

One more thing I like about KC Tool is that they seem to care much about their website. The evidence is all products have an feature image and I only can click “quick view” to read all key information and no need to open a new tab. During some wandering time on KC Tool website, I have found so many interesting and unique tools for my work here.

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