Inboard Technology Review-Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

Inboard Technology Review-Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

Inboard Technology Review

Hello everyone, I am Jenifer Alien from All Reviews Today!!! Are you a big fan of skateboarding and you want to feel freedom to do whatever you want? Welcome to Inboard Technology-The company always seeks to create lightweight transportation technology that flows. With two awards including Kickstarter Staff Pick and Successfully funded on Kickstarter April 2015, they are considered as the world’s first skateboard with motors inside the wheels. Today, I will give some reviews about Inboard Technology site as well as their specific Inboard Technology product- M1™ Electric Skateboard. Following to this Inboard Technology Review to get further information about this store and take advantage from Inboard Technology coupon codes at the end of this post.

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Inboard Technology Review

Who is Inboard Technology?

Inboard Technology is the leading provider offering skateboard with motors inside the wheels as well as changing last mile transportation and starting with the first product-Inboard M1 electric skateboard. Thanks to modern technology, they can create a skateboard pairing this with a battery that’s hidden inside the deck makes the board look and feel like a traditional non-powered skateboard, while still getting you there at up to 24mph. A swappable battery with a 10-mile range ensures you can get there no matter what the distance. In addition, their skateboards look like the traditional non-powered skateboards, but they still get you at up to 24mph. Inboard Technology offers high-performance lightweight transportation solutions which are amazing skateboards.

Inboard Technology products

  • M1™ Electric Skateboard
  • Manta Drive™ Direct Drive Motors
  • RFLX™ Remote
  • PowerShift™ Battery

They also sell hats, tees, hoodies, and jackets so you can find many awesome items apart from skateboards at their store. When shopping at Inboard Technology, don’t worry about their price, you are able to get the best value items at the best possible prices by using Inboard Technology Coupon Codes.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

Inboard Technology offers lots of effective items, Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is not an exception. Inboard Technology creates the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard which is the world’s first skateboard with motors inside the wheels.

  • Deck Technology: This is the most advanced skateboard deck which includes an inverted 3D Poplar wood core with full sandwich ABS sidewalls and wrapped in the same fiberglass top sheet found in premium snowboards and skis.
  • PowerShift Battery: The Inboard Technology’s electric skateboards can use PowerShift Battery as the first truly swappable battery which can be swapped in seconds. Carry an extra battery in your bag and swap it into the M1 wherever you’re.
  • Manta Drive Technology: With the Manta Drive, you can go faster while feeling secure with intuitive and efficient regenerative braking although it has no gearing, belts or limitations. You’re really able to glide the board like a traditional skateboard.


Length 37.5 inches 95.25 cm
Width 11.25 inches 28.58 cm
Height 5 inches 12.7 cm
Weight 14.5 pounds 6.5 kg


In The Box

M1 Electric Skateboard Ready to ride
RFLX Remote Comes with USB charging cable
PowerShift Battery Every M1 comes with one battery
PowerShift Charger Charges battery in 90 minutes
M1 Soft Carrying Bag Keep everything in its right plac
Inboard Skate Tool Customize the M1 riding feel


Detailed Specs

  • Top Speed: 22 mph / 35 kph
  • Battery Range: 7 miles / 11 km (+/- 2 miles / 3.2 km depending on rider style, weight, and terrain) (43.2v / 97 Wh / Lithium-ion)
  • Board Weight: 14.5 lbs / 6.57 kg
  • Max Rider Capacity: Max rider weight 250 lbs / 113.3 kg
  • Braking System: Electronic Regenerative Braking
  • Throttle Control: RFLX Remote or Vision Mobile App
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low-Energy
  • Wheels: 80 mm
  • Wheel Durometer: 78a
  • Charge Time: 90 minutes
  • Deck Material: Lightweight wood-core composite
  • Deck Flex: Stiff – designed for speed and stability
  • Deck Dimensions: 37″ long (94cm) x 10.25″ wide (26cm) with a 13mm-9mm concave for front and back foot (respectively)
  • Riding Mode Beginner – Top Speed 5 MPH / 8 KM/H
  • Riding Mode Intermediate – Top Speed 14 MPH / 22 KM/H
  • Riding Mode Advanced – Top Speed of 22 MPH / 32 KM/H
  • Riding Mode Custom* – Top Speed of 24 MPH / 38 KM/H

Why choose Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard?

  1. Top Speed: 22 mph
  2. Range: 7 miles (± 2)
  3. Hill Grade: 18%
  4. Easy Swap Batteries
  5. Regenerative Braking
  6. Approved for Air Travel
  7. Splash Resistant
  8. 4 Safe Riding Modes
  9. FREE SHIPPING to USA & Canada within 3 – 5 business days
  10. 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty


  • Top Speed is based on rider weight of 155-165lbs, across flat, smooth asphalt.
  • Range is based on a rider weighing 165lbs travelling across a flat surface. Range is impacted by rider weight, terrain, ambient temperature, and aggressiveness of ride.


Nowadays, Inboard Technology offers this Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard with great price of $1,399. Before purchase this item, never forget take advantages from Inboard Technology coupon codes. Inboard Technology can assure the highest product and provide competitive price by using Inboard Technology coupon codes for all their customers.

Thanks for you reading this Inboard Technology Review!

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