Circadian Adventure Sandals Review – Earth Runners Review

Circadian Adventure Sandals Review – Earth Runners Review

Earth Runners Review

Do you know natural footwear? Earth Runners happy to provide this special footwear! Earth Runners offers a new innovation with smart design, so you can feel very comfortable when using their eco-conscious sandals. Let All Reviews Today explain why choose Earth Runners with this Earth Runners review.

Earth Runners Review

With simple passion, Earth Runners brings special sandal line supporting your foot with excellent adhesion. Earth Runners sandals is considered as the earth adventure sandals because their products will bring new experience for users such as minimalist Vibram soles, Earth Grip footbed and their exclusive grounded conductive lacing system.

Beside, Earth Runners is very proud of their products so they always stand behind their design 100%. They are committed to bringing adventure sandals with the highest materials. Additionally, Earth Runners comes with a lifetime warranty for their Vibram sole. As the result, if your sandal sole or straps get any problem during warranty time, they will repair or replace them for free.

Circadian Adventure Sandals

When accessing to Earth Runners website, you will see lots of attractive sandals in which Circadian Adventure Sandals is an eye-catching design from Earth Runners. This Circadian Adventure Sandals will bring a perfect trip for you because it will keep you secure with the earth’s natural rhythm step by step. With Circadian Adventure Sandals, Earth Runners uses minimal aggressive sole with Earth-Grip footbed creating a bare earth feeling. Circadian Adventure Sandals can follow you anywhere in any weather.

Earth Runners Review

Some Circadian Adventure Sandals Information

Footbed: Earth Grip

  • Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas
  • Small Batch
  • Low Impact Dye
  • Los Angeles Dye House
  • GOTS Certified Dye

Laces:  Grounded Conductive Performance Lace

  • 9/16” Wide
  • 1/2″ Hydrophobic Polyester Webbing Core
  • 1″ Mil-Spec Nylon Reinforcement
  • Conductive Stainless Steel Thread
  • Copper Ground Plug

Currently, Earth Runners offers Circadian Adventure Sandals with great price of $84 and they can ship to any countries around the world. Circadian Adventure Sandals get lots of 5-star reviews from users. Never forget the biggest discount from Earth Runners coupon codes at the end of this Earth Runners review.

Caroline: “These are my second pair of earth runner sandals. They are great minimalist shoes for any activity. I wear them for walking in town, hiking on trails, and running. I put many, many miles into the first ones. I am very happy with the style and how durable they are. I am sad they no longer are offered with suede on the sole or laces. Even though the dye leaked at first, I like the leather against my skin a lot more. It would be nice if these were an option in 3 or 4 years when these new sandals need replacing.”

Callum: “I love the product, They are my second pair after I got the leather version about 4 years ago. I love them. Got them to sydney in 2 weeks with the standard shipping option.

Michael: “Absolutely love them. I’ve been called Jesus a number of times, I’m taking it as a compliment. Haha. Even if they weren’t grounding, I do think I would get them anyway. An amazing bonus with the ingenious design to help ground whenever on mother earth. So convenient, comfortable and amazingly high quality.”

Andrea: “These are the best sandals ever, I had the elementals but the extra layer in Circadian makes alot of difference. I have sweaty feet, NOW no problem. They are still not that thick I do feel the ground. They are super secure I went for a run up hillls you name it, super sturdy. I literally gave 5 pairs of other brands of sandals to the salvation army as now I don’t need any other after those.”

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Order Circadian Adventure Sandals to find a new experience! Thanks for your reading this Earth Runners Review!

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