CastleWare Review-Pajama Sets Review

CastleWare Review-Pajama Sets Review

CastleWare Review

Maureen and Tom Smithey began CastleWare in 2008 with a vision to create organic sleep wear made in the USA fitting every kids around the world. Today, I will show you some reviews about this CastleWare and their Pajama Sets. Never forget use CastleWare coupon codes to get great offers from CastleWare. Now, let’s follow this CastleWare Review.

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CastleWare Review

CastleWare focuses on classic designs in high-quality fabrics that feel good next to the skin creating the comfort for your baby. CastleWare is committed to using the finest fabrics, manufacturing from start to finish in the USA and designing for real families, simple garments that hold up to the test of time.

Feel Good Fabrics

Natural, breathable, clean are the best feeling that Castleware brings to their customers. Organic cotton is the essence of CastleWare Baby. Simply put, it’s good for people and planet without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers, therefore fabrics are inherently safe for babies and children to sleep in.

Made In The USA Works

From design to finish, CastleWare has always been made in the USA. They have always supported American workers, manufacturers and distributors because it’s the best way we know to support their friends and neighbors to build the best product and leave a smaller footprint.

Why choose CastleWare?

  • Made in the USA
  • Soft and easy fit
  • Crew neck
  • Contrast top stitching in natural
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry. Preshrunk
  • 100% certified organic cotton rib knit.

Pajama Sets Review

As you know, a better sleep starts with better Pajamas. It makes with 100% organic cotton for unrivaled comfort and breathability. Never treated with fire resistant chemicals. Pajama from CastleWare can meet for children from 12 Months to 6 years.

Nowadays, they offer 3 products in Pajama Sets including Rib Knit Pajama Sets, Fleece Pajama Sets and Velour Pajama Sets.

Rib Knit Pajama Sets ($40.00)

Classic long john pajama set in soft and breathable rib knit cotton keeps kids comfy without over-heating. Baby Rib Knit is a light/mid weight fabric. Soft with plenty of stretch across the width. Our most popular summer weight fabric by itself. Also a great innermost layer in the winter time.

Size: Large 12-18 Mos, Xlarge 18-24 Mos, 2T, 3T, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years.

Color: Charcoal Grey Stripe, Moss Green, Natural and Rose Pink

CastleWare Review CastleWare Review CastleWare Review CastleWare Review

Fleece Pajama Sets ($46.00)

The comfortable solution for keeping kids warm on long winter nights without over-heating. Fleece is a dense light weight fabric that is soft and cuddly. Kids love this fabric because the fuzzy side is on the inside. Keeps out the chill. A great three seasons sleep wear fabric in many climates or year round in temperate climates.

Size: Large 12-18 Mos, Xlarge 18-24 Mos, 2T, 3T, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years.

Color: Moss Green, Natural, Navy Blue and Rose Pink.

CastleWare Review CastleWare Review CastleWare Review CastleWare Review

Velour Pajama Sets ($56.00)

Soft, plush and luxurious. Velour feels great to wear and it will keep your little one warm and covered all night. Velour has ultra soft and plush. This knitted fabric is the queen of comfort; the most deluxe fall and winter fabric. They line this fabric with rib knit to produce our warmest winter weight sleeper Bags.

Size: Large 12-18 Mos, Xlarge 18-24 Mos, 2T, 3T, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years.

Color: Natural

CastleWare Review

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