Biostrap Review – Track Your Health With Biostrap

Biostrap Review – Track Your Health With Biostrap

Biostrap review

Are you ready for a healthy body yet? Do you want to monitor your body regularly really healthy? That’s why today I’m going to tell you about the Biostrap monitor that which uses a clinical-quality PPG sensor to gather and analyze extremely precise heartbeat data in the Biostrap Review below:

Biostrap Review – What is Biostrap?

As you know, most wearable devices like fitness monitors, smartwatches use very basic sensors to capture heart rate. Their signal is binary: counting beats only. Biostrap is different, instead of just checking the pulses; it obtains a high-precision PPG waveform. These waveforms are the same type that doctors use and we can benefit from them.

It’s a device with an extremely simple design: no screen, no buttons, no buzz, and no sound; It is just a rubber strap that contains a sensor. You wear the Biostrap on your wrist and you can combine it with any watch or accessory you want. The box contains three straps, charging cable, charger, and two sensors.

Biostrap Review

How it works

There are two small sensors in Biostrap, one that sits on your wrist and one that you can click on your shoes. By combining data from two sensors, Biostrap can recognize different activities and workouts. Instead of the green PPG LEDs we often see in fitness trackers and smart watches, Biostrap’s wristbands use red and infrared lights. In the middle of the LED is the sensor, which captures the intensity of the red light reflected from your arm. That allows Biostrap to capture a wave of blood flowing through your body. This is great, isn’t it?

Biostrap app

To start using Biostrap, you must install the Biostrap app on your iOS or Android device and set up an account that will ask about your gender, weight and height. You can customize your daily goals for steps, burning active calories, sleeping hours and workout time. The app provides a daily view of statistics, including the number of steps you take, sleep, calories burned, workout length, heart rate and breathing data.

Every day you can check whether your index is low, high or normal. The app also displays alerts at the top when problems such as not getting enough sleep the night before are detected.

Biostrap Review

Does Biostrap have an API or SDK?

Right now, users can only access the values presented in the app itself and not the raw waveform data. Unfortunately, they are unable to share raw waveform data this at this time. They don’t have a way to export customer data, but are coming out with an API Q1 2018 that will give access to the same data displayed in the app.

Final thoughts

The price of this set is $ 250 which is quite reasonable with its superior features. If you are concerned about your health, I think you should purchase Biostrap and I think you will be surprised at the benefits it offers.

Thank you for reading the Biostrap Review from our All Reviews Today. Well, if you’ve ever bought this product, please leave a comment below this review.

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