Bathmate Direct Review-Bathmate Review

Bathmate Direct Review-Bathmate Review

Bathmate Direct Review

Welcome to All Reviews Today-The best place to get the best reviews of internation stores. Today we will give you some review about Bathmate Direct and its product-Bathmate. Following this Bathmate Direct Review to get more information for yourself.


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How does the Bathmate work? Does it even work?

Establishing at 2004 by Mr John Oakes, Bathmate Direct offers a Bathmate. Bathmate is a hydrotherapy pump to pump any penis enlargement. It works by creating a vacuum around the penis. When increasing the vacuum, fluid is pumped out of the cylinder surrounding the penis leading to pressure draws blood as well as extend the penile shaft to its maximum capacity. This pump will create a  naturally good room for expansion thanks to the elasticity of the penile tissues.

With the new pump calling “Hydromax hydropump” where water is employed to pull blood to the organ. As the result, it will increase blood chambers resulting to longer, thicker and hard rock erections.

Bathmate Direct Review

Why choice Bathmate?

To eradicate the risk of injury and suboptimal results, let’s use the reputed brand such as Bathmate, because with Bathmate, you will get the recommended for good results without any risk of injury.

The Bathmate benefits

  • Increasing length up to 1-3 inches
  • Enhancing thickness
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Creating greater stamina
  • Heightening orgasm
  • Enlarge penile head
  • Straightening curves
  • Supporting Peyronie’s disease (Clinically proven)
  • Helping erectile dysfunction

How to choose the right type for you?

  • Hercules: Indicating for men with at least 7″ penile length, even 8.5” with a girth of 6.7” maximum. This is the cheapest type however it is the most effective.
  • HydroMax X20: Good ideal for guys who have a maximum penile length of 5.5” increasing up to 7.5” length and 5.5” of girth.
  • HydroMax X30: Useing this for a significant results during a short time as much as 30% compared to other models.
  • HydroMax X40: For men with 7” to 10” length of the erect penis.
  • Goliath: For penis with 9” in length or longer (up to 10.5”).
  • HydroMax Extreme meants for guys with 9-11 length range. Coming with and ball pump as well as hose and a lot of other “extras”.

How to use the Bathmate?

It’s very easy to use this item. Following this video to get the best guide to use it.

Suggested Routine for a beginner

  • 1st Week: 1 x 10 minute sessions per day
  • 2nd Week: 1 x 15 minute sessions per day
  • 3rd Week: 2 x 10 minute sessions per day
  • 4th Week: 2 x 15 minute sessions per day
  • 5th Week: 1 x 20 minute + 1 x 15 minute sessions per day
  • 6th Week: 2 x 20 minute sessions per day

Where to buy Bathmate?

If you don’t want buy this from the store, let’s purchase them via online store for freedom to choose your size without worrying about someone is looking at you. However, making sure that you are buying from the official Bathmate Direct website.


Denping on your demand, Bathmate Direct offers lots of cost level for each item, visiting to store to get the reliable price. Beside, before purchasing an item, you will get free delivery worldwide and 60 day money-back trial for your order. In addition, they also give some Bathmate Direct discount providing the best price for all customers. What are you waiting for?

Thank you when spending time to read this Bathmate Direct Review.

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