Amazing straight razors for men – Naked Armor Review

Amazing straight razors for men – Naked Armor Review

Naked Armor ReviewNaked Armor - Awesome straight razors for men

Naked Armor Review

As we known, straight razors are a growing trend and they offer the closest shave a man can ever get at home. Straight razor shaving is a great way to start your day and with Naked Armor complete kit, you will have everything you need to get started. Besides, you can read Naked Armor Review to get more information about Naked Armor products.

Why should you choose Naked Armor?

You are looking for a perfect set of shaving razors and Naked Armor is created for you. With 3 criteria: strong, durable, and functional, Naked Armor specializes in providing the best shaving products. In addition, the razor was designed using a unique style of steel and wood and its effectiveness has been proven by thousands of men. Japanese steel was the best steel in the world. Therefore, all of Naked Armor’s straight razors are handcrafted with only samurai strong steel. They use Japanese stainless steel in all blades. You can find examples of those blades in all products. Besides, the handle is made from fine woods. With the best deep grained woods in the world and perfectly balanced hardware for the end caps, the straight razor felt good in your hands while shaving.

Naked Armor Review
Naked Armor – Awesome straight razors for men

What are outstanding points about the blade?

The blade is fairly wide which makes it a perfect beginner blade as it is easier to get the correct angle right. This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. Especially, Naked Armor designed a hybrid blade, crafted between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow. The straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. The total length of the razor is 15.7cm and blade length is 7.5cm.

What are in one straight razor kit box?

This straight razor shave kit includes everything you need to shave with a straight razor at home and on the road.

  • Japanese Steel Blade
  • Leather Travel Sase
  • Leather Strop
  • Wood (Badger Friendly) Brush
  • Shaving Soap
  • Sharpening Paste
  • Awesome Wood Box

This razor stand is awesome and the shaving scuttle rocks—create some thick foam with a shaving scuttle. When used with a thick layer of wet shaving foam, this blade will move smoothly across your face for the closest shave possible.

Whether Straight razor shaving kit is for you or for someone else, everything comes in a quality handcrafted reusable wood gift box. And you can use Naked Armor coupon to help save money when shopping. And thanks for reading our Naked Armor Review.


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