High Mountain Compost review

High Mountain Compost review

High Mountain Compost review

About High Mountain Compost

They sell rich, natural, manure based growing medium,  specifically formulated for growing exotic, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. If you need compost for growing mushrooms, let’s contact High Mountain Compost. They promise to offer the best quality products at an unbeatable price. Besides, don’t forget to visit High Mountain Compost coupon review to find out the highest value coupon for better saving. Let’s enjoy our High Mountain Compost review right now!

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High Mountain Compost review

High Mountain Compost review

Out-standing character

It is odorless and easy to use. No casing is required. Because it has been heat pasteurized, there are no harmful bugs, bacteria, fungus, spores, etc. It means you can use the compost without worrying about contamination.

Quantity:  They package compost in 10lb  filter patch bags, specifically formulate for dung-loving mushroom growth, and is by far the most nutrient rich substrate available.

 Mushroom grow kits, handy kit refills

These kits are formulated specifically for growing mushrooms. The kits use all organic ingredients: rich organic mushroom growing compost and organic rye berries. These kits includes: 10 lbs. of pasteurized compost, 1 growing chamber, pre-drilled for air exchange & liquid drainage, 2 packages of Sterilized Rye berries, 1 empty sanitizing spray bottle, Full kit instructions,

The handy kit refills consist of one bag of sterilized rye berries and one 10lb bag of compost. rye berries are organic, sterilized and sealed in filter-patch bags. The bags are 1/2 lb. size and come in a pack of 3 bags @ $19/pack.  One bag is included in our kit refills and when fully colonized, this is all that is needed with our 10lb bag of compost, to produce a great yield


Compost $45.00 per 10lb bag
Kits $155.00
Kit refills $50.00
Sterilized organic rye berries $19.00 per box
New! High mountain gold $40.00/10lb bag


Why don’t you use the High Mountain Compost coupon code blow to save as much as you can. If you need any information about their products, leave you comment below this High Mountain Compost review. Once again, thanks to follow our High Mountain Compost review.

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